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How to Know if He Love You and Wants to Build a Relationship

Women tend to fall in love much faster than men. This can be a problem when the man is just hanging around for a good time and isn’t interested in taking the relationship any farther. Experts have helped women out and come up with a list of signs they can look for to tell if a man is in love. This will give women a useful guide that will help them keep their own feelings in check, just in case the man they are dating is only interested in hooking up.

The first obvious sign is that he makes his girlfriend a priority in his life. He might tell his friends he can’t hang out with them because he wants to spend time with his girlfriend. A man in love won’t miss calls and always returns text messages, even iif it’s just to say he can’t talk right now. If she has a cold, he might bring her some hot soup. He won’t disappear for days at a time.

Another sign for how to know if he loves you is if he involves his girlfriend in decisions that are important in his life. Whether he’s buying a new car or choosing an insurance plan, asking for help in making decisions is a sure sign that he is in love. Men who aren’t interested in keeping a woman in their lives won’t even tell them they are having trouble making a decision, let alone ask for their input. Keeping an eye out for this telltale sign of love will help a woman avoid wasting years of her life on a man that isn’t really into her.

When a man is in love, he makes an effort to help his girlfriend feel better anytime she is upset. He’ll notice there is something wrong and do what he can to make it better. If he was the cause of the pain, he’ll make an extra effort to fix the problem because he wants to keep her in his life. If someone or something else hurt his girlfriend, he’ll do what he can to help her get out of the situation because he doesn’t like to see her in pain.